Do I Have to Buy Windows Movie Maker Again When I Change a New PC/Laptop?

Once you activated Windows Movie Maker on your PC/laptop, you can use the software perpetually on that device. 

If you have changed your device, you have to buy Windows Movie Maker license again. However, we offer a one-time free software license transfer. If you change device within 1 year you purchased the software, you can move the software from old device to the new one with the same license.

If you change your device more than 1 year after you ordered the software, you have to replace an order to buy a new license.   Now you are qualified for Windows Movie Maker Old Customer Discount Offer. You can get another 25% discount via the official link below.

Windows Movie Maker Old Customer Discount BuyNow Link

This is the change device policy of Windows Movie Maker software license. If you do not have the software, please download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker via the official link below.

Free Download Windows Movie Maker 2022    Download Mac Movie Maker 2022

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